Tai Qi


Tai Qi

Dewdrop Tai Qi - the impulse from the five seasons.

Every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm, in front of or in the practice barn and online please request access.

Uwe Marlaine Mädger

Right now it is important to bring our heart into a calm balance. As the water in us sinks down and the fire naturally rises up we lose our balance - "standing" opens the Qi flow of the "Small Circulation" which cools the fire and warms the water. We let ourselves be supported in the flow of time by the recurring patterns of the Chinese tradition - can use the different qualities to harmonize our body through deep working exercises, tones and visualizations in order to "Stand" well prepared.

The lime green of spring with the expression of development, rapid growth - for our liver and gall bladder.

The hot red of summer sunset in the expression of the abundance of bright flowers - in full force harmonizing for our heart and small intestine.

The metallic white of autumn, the great expanse and concentration on the point and the ripening of fruit - for our lungs and large intestine.

The deep resting blue of a lake in winter in its connecting calm of seeds -for our kidneys and bladder.

The all harmonizing ocher yellow earth in late summer or between seasons -for our stomach and spleen.

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