With the FELDENKRAIS method

people of all ages can learn to better perceive their body in motion. And thereby also make movement processes in everyday life more conscious, effortless, organic and efficient.

The method is named after its founder, the Isaelian researcher Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. The many lessons of his body-oriented learning method are taught in group sessions - Awareness through Movement®, as well as in individual sessions - Functional Integration®.

Awareness through Movement® is usually taught in a group setting.

(Thursdays 15:00 in the exercise barn).

The movement instructions of the FELDENKRAIS lessons are verbally guided. Questions and cues direct attention to improve perceptual skills. Everyday movements are the starting point of the lessons. (Walking, standing, sitting, bending, stretching, turning ...) Elements of these movements are varied in a playful way and combined in different unfamiliar ways. Through this exploration without pressure to succeed and sensual experience of subtle differences, you will find out for yourself how to move better and more efficiently - according to your own personal standards. Similar, to the 'organic learning process' of babies + toddlers.


Functional Integration® Individual Work of the Feldenkrais Method®

The individual work of the Feldenkrais Method usually takes place in comfortable clothing on a couch. Through gentle, clear touch, movements and habits are explored and expanded. The way of touching plays a central role. FELDENKRAIS® teachers are trained to notice small differences, to produce finely graded movements and to clarify movement relationships. You can learn to perceive muscle activity that has become involuntary and to (re)find ways to move more efficiently and easily, adapted to your own individual situation. Appointments by appointment.